For Dealers: Novatek Elektro, OOO, Ukraine, ALL.BIZ:  Ukraine
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Novatek Elektro, OOO
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For Dealers Novatek Elektro, OOO

Dealers of LLC Novatek-Elektro are provided with special conditions on purchase of production.

Also dealers are provided with the advertizing company at the expense of LLC Novatek Elektro on the region.

Specify the full list of marketing opportunities at sales managers.

One of the basic principles of work of the Novatek-Elektro company — openness for joint projects. At the same time different options of cooperation are possible. For example, it can be development and production of the products interesting the customer. In case of our interest we can develop a product independently for own means. The development option with use of means of the customer is also possible. The organization of coproduction in other countries can be other aspect of cooperation. Such cooperation on our opinion can develop step by step. At the first stage — the organization of sales of the products made by us, further — SKD. At the last stage — the organization of a full production cycle of production with transfer of all necessary technology.



for dealers Novatek Elektro, OOO Ukraine, ALL.BIZ: Ukraine